VR Projects

This was a project for a flooring company for trade shows. I was responsible for the VFX and some of the modeling/texturing. I also was a big part of the UI design. Proud of our small team for getting this done in 2 months.

My first VR project was on a RV VR visualizer for a RV company. I was responsible for the dining room and some of the props. With a team of 4 we got it done in about 2 months.

GrandRiVR was a prototype for the Grand Rapids Public Museum. I was responsible for the foliage and some of the texturing. I also created the water in blueprints, my first time making anything like it. I learned a lot on this project.

A collection of my past VR experience. After working on these projects I can say i know the limitations and what is required to get VR to work right and feel good.